Hello, I am Zachary Varon. I would like to earn your vote for Governor of Colorado in 2022!

I do not have a political cliche to caption this photo
Please Write-In Zachary Varon and Sean Hoyt, unaffiliated centrist candidates in Colorado’s 2022 Gubernatorial election, to find common ground in a two party mess.

I am a third generation Colorado native who is passionate about finding hope and balance amidst the bickering and ineffectiveness of our current system. Please let me earn your write-in vote for Governor of Colorado in 2022.

We have a lot of problems but can eventually agree on, at least, something. Freedom has a different meaning to everyone. And that is just fine. Because freedom is life.

Running mate Sean Hoyt and my goal is to limit the power of government AND big business. Real power lies with the people. We must put aside our media driven differences, and have real conversations.

My hunch that we have a lot more in common than we can imagine.

Learn more about my life or go ahead and See what semi-satiric things you agree or disagree with→


Please Write-In Zachary Varon and Sean Hoyt in Colorado’s 2022 Gubernatorial election