Our Philosophy

We have a lot more in common than the establishment would like us to believe.

In a representative democracy, every single person’s view is significant. Sadly, the two party system has each side convinced that they must force their views on the other for the good of the Republic.

Individually, Sean Hoyt and I believe in minding your own business. So, we are pro business, pro legalization/decriminalization of all drugs, pro choice, pro gun choice, pro vaccine choice, and anti huge-government-authoritarian state. This means we are anti-big military, and vehemently against militarized police.

Our philosophy is that private and public interests must strike a balance to provide society’s goods and services. In order to determine which is more effective, we must look at their track record.

The private sector has done a horrible job with healthcare, as we have the worst in the world for its cost.

The public sector did a horrible job handling the Coronavirus. Three years later, the virus is still a problem and people’s livelihoods hang in the balance every single day. Inflation is at a record high while debt reaches critical levels.

Success, innovation, good business, and the free market should be celebrated! Unfortunately, the United States has become an oligarchy in which the richest corporations and individuals also control the government and its politicians. Rest assured, this is not an easy fix.

This is a generational problem. We must respect our elders, and everyone, but acknowledge one simple fact… The people in positions of authority will do anything they can to maintain this division in order to preserve their power. To address our current and future world problems we will have to adopt philosophies, spending habits, and behaviors that are diametrically opposed to everything built by those before us.

Over the coming months we will lay out plans that will help our global community build a future that accentuates what makes us the same, instead of what turns us against each other.

Thank you for your support!

Early on

I am third generation CO native from around Colfax and Peoria in Aurora, Colorado. I worked hard to get good grades and make my family proud.


I “live the dream” of riding my favorite mountains every day as a competitive snowboarder and entrepreneur while working hard to succeed in my challenging management career in real estate and property management. I am also an honors MBA candidate at the University of Denver

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